You are now the proud owner of an EconoWise Patio Cover. For long-lasting beauty of your patio cover, here are a few words of wisdom.

Heavy Snows: Remove snow from the patio cover if safely possible to do so. Although covers are built to snow-load specifications, we have been experiencing unusually wet snow-loads recently. Do what you can to remove excess snow. If you have a long span between posts with a 6” I beam, support the beam with a screw pole or “kick-out” post if provided.

Acrylic/Polycarbonate Skylights: Treat your new acrylic skylights like fine furniture. Never use cleaners with ammonia such as Windex or 409. Use products specifically recommended for cleaning acrylics such as Novus#1, Brillianize and other acrylic polishes available at automotive supply stores such as Canadian Tire. Novus is available at Surrey Plastic Works Ltd. 12199 86 Ave. Surrey, BC, phone
(604) 501-9033.

Never use a dry cloth or your hand to clean your acrylic! This rubs the dirt and dust into the acrylic as much as rubs it off. First, blow the dust and dirt off. Then use a recommended cleaner to finish the job. Note: a mild solution of dish detergent and warm water and a soft cloth or brush takes off stubborn dirt easily without harming the acrylic if you’ve run out of Novus#1. For scratches, a mild abrasive such as Novus #2 or #3 can be used to remove them.

Glass Skylights: Glass skylights can be cleaned like any other window. Ammonia-based cleaners can be used and sponges with mildly abrasive backing can be used to remove hardened algae areas. Keep debris off the skylights with routine washing with light detergent and warm water. A long-handled car-wash brush and squeegee can be used. Do not brush silicone seams as this may dislodge them.

Aluminum components: For everyday cleaning, mild detergents, and warm water are the way to remove greasy barbeque smoke. For deeper scratches, acetone and a clean dry cloth would be useful and for even deeper abrasions and scrapes, touch-up paint will restore its beauty. Tremclad rust paint, semi-gloss will be the choice for post-touch-up. Never direct water up under the flashing against the back rail of your canopy. This may dislodge the sealant and create leaks. We hope this helps you to enjoy the beauty of your patio cover for years to come!

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